Beauty is all around us, but more times than not it goes uncovered. It wasn’t until I stopped doing things that I discovered the thing I was working so hard to obtain had already been given to me. When my busy feet, full hands and racing mind encounter some form of beauty, I have no choice but to pause and let my preoccupied heart catch it’s breath, while paying reverence to its Creator.

“I will give you the treasures of the darkness and hidden riches of secret places. That you may know that I, the Lord who called you by name, Am God.” –Isaiah 45:3

This verse really jumped out at me. So you mean to tell me God, that You have gone before me into tomorrow and hidden treasures along my path? How many of these treasures have I missed out on?

I DO a lot of good things. I am a wife who is willing to go where the military sends us, a dog mom who goes home on a lunch break to play fetch, a daughter who calls home, a sister who edits emailed papers, a life coach who delights in listening to others sort through their decisions and core motivations, and a friend who cares about what shade of white to paint the trim. There is a lot to juggle and much to enjoy. Truth be told, I like it that way, but sometimes my spirit needs to be still.


Here you will find the moments and places that made my spirit still. Drop a comment below with the places that have made you pause and catch your breath!

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