The Chicest of Shabby Chic Bedrooms

I can appreciate the soft pastel color palette, old world patterns, glass knobs, chipped paint and the extra frill that come when shabby meets chic. What I love most about this style are the many shined up treasures intentionally woven into the decor. This is where the glitter of the past dances with the present, and when executed thoughtfully, generations of treasures somehow make sense existing in the same space.

When designing this bedroom and ensuite bathroom I started by painting my canvas. The wall color is a Ralph Lauren light blue and the trim is a creamy white. Nothing too bright and nothing too crisp. I wanted the Queen bed to be the focal point of this octagon-shaped room, so I selected a dusty blue/gray iron bed frame and a fun yellow floral bedspread. Shabby Chic decor usually incorporates pastel florals or french toile patterns, so when I saw this bedding on sale at HomeGoods, it was purchased without hesitation (it also helps that yellow is my favorite color).

I didn’t want the bed to feel too matchy-matchy, so I swapped out the floral pillow shams with yellow ruffle shams for some added texture. A few throw pillows break up the yellow and make this bed look as comfy as it truly is!

Flea market finds mark the walls of this room, along with a mix of old and new frames to display familiar faces and memorable moments.

The night stand is one of my favorite elements of this room. My mom and I came across this old iron tea cart in the back corner of our favorite antique mall in Fort Worth, TX. This treasure was shut away in an extra storage room just outside the ladies room. Thank goodness I had to use the bathroom or we might never have found this gem! I remember my mom wheeling it to the front register; a little squeaky, but just what we were looking for.

The handed down, solid wood shelving and dresser combo is used to display pictures and ebenezers. Glass knobs replace original hardware adding a touch of elegance to this sturdy old wood.

The oversized bay window was dreamy from the beginning. As my grandma would say, “the perfect place to watch for a boyfriend.” Natural light spills in, bouncing off the satin finish walls and light yellow bedding.

The windows were actually different sizes and because they are so prominently placed in this bedroom I knew, if overdone, they would steal the show. This said, I went with Roman shades in a natural linen for each window. This keeps the windows neutral from the front of the house and allows the bed to be the focal point of the room.

The seat is lined with fluffy shabby chic pillows I made from various fabrics including the pillow shams from the bedding bundle, linen, and old lace. This window seat also opens up for ample storage because who doesn’t need more storage.

Dusti Treasures fill this room! Every wall has at least one polished gem including: Two vintage suitcases both cleaned and painted, a vintage umbrella, jewelry display shelf adorned with glass door knobs, a saved wedding cake topper displayed through thick glass, a handed down tea set, Grandma’s hourglass a decoupage keepsake box crafted by a dear friend and an estate sale tea set find! When designing Shabby Chic you can’t have too many tea time accessories.

THE BATHROOM: I decided on swinging saloon doors to mark the entrance of this small bathroom simply for interest and to save space. A mirrored pocket door leads to the walk-in closet maximizing the existing space in the bathroom.

The ivory marble countertop plays up the elegance of this tiny bathroom and a custom mirror adorns the wall reminding the looker of His grace. I added a sprinkle of Shabby Chic to this room through the vintage silver tray, old perfume bottles and the washed cotton and french toile textiles.

Simple touches turn a generic room into a beautiful storyboard. Elements like old toe shoes and collected coins make this space feel perfect and personal.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with how this room turned out! It’s the perfect space to dream.

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