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Restoring Value to the Overlooked

Have you ever been to an antique mall, flea market or repurposing shop? Upon first glance, one might think it smells like mildew and question why they drove out of their way to pay someone for their old stuff. Dare they call it “junk!” I’ll admit, the first time I went to an antique mall I was a bit overwhelmed. The woman I was with knew exactly how to navigate the tight spaces and confusing layout. I still remember how excited she was to find the exact item she wanted – even with zero idea of how or where she would use it. Somehow she knew it was what she came for.

A pile of potential left behind, tossed aside and ultimately forgotten until the one with vision picks it up and declares “YES! This is what I came for!” I wonder if this is how Christ feels when he sees a worn-out sinner’s heart, like mine. Why in the world would God go out of his way to pay us a visit and significantly overpay for our hearts? Perspective. To Him, we are the treasure he came for.

When I walk into a warehouse of treasures all my senses come alive. The smell of old pages, hues of rusted metal and the texture of splintered wood. The handed down dishes, creaky floors, and has-been designers.  I weave right to left, up and down the aisles quickly capturing mental images of the items and envisioning what they could be. I’m not embarrassed to get on my hands and knees to find what is buried underneath, because in a way that is what Christ did for me. People ask me, how I know what to pay, or how I know if my idea will work. The truth is my excitement for the treasure often overrides logic in those moments. While there are some practical things to consider when shopping vintage, as my husband would say, when I lock my eyes on a treasure there is no convincing me otherwise. SOLD! When it’s right, you know it. I can’t see it any other way. To let it sit in the dust one more day would be a shame.

Yes, it will take time, elbow grease, and likely more money to really make it shine, but that is the fun part. When others see my shined up treasure and say, “this is beautiful!” or “it was WHAT before!?” My heart smiles a bit because to me, that’s what it was all along.

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