Power of Perspective

Perspective. It’s always present. It’s always working to define your experience. Have you ever stopped to think about how much influence your chosen perspective has on just about every facet of your life? As a life coach, perspective is something we talk about often, but it’s easily overlooked. In-between our circumstance, or that which we have no control over, and our response to said circumstance is a big factor called OUR THOUGHTS.

Our thoughts shape our perspective. They are powerful and literally direct our emotional and physical responses. The Bible warns us to take our thoughts captive and when we don’t, those negative thoughts pollute our life. They confuse our emotions, manipulate our actions, contaminate our responses, and distort our identity. Our thoughts are the first thing we have control over and often the first under attack. Recently the Holy Spirit confronted me about changing my perspective.

After what seemed like months of anticipation, we received the keys to our new house. Because my husband and I are currently sharing a vehicle, I spent my days sitting on the carpet, sipping coffee, and telling Buddy all about where I envisioned each piece of furniture. I dreamed, I planned, I waited. My eagerness to decorate the empty space began to manifest into frustration when it took over a week for our furniture to arrive. Finally, the truck rolled up and our things were unloaded. It was then my blank canvas became a sea of boxes. As the rooms filled with cardboard and furniture, I started noticing the wear and tear of travel on the furniture I had invested so much care into. “Why is everything damaged!?” My frustration grew into anger.

Do you ever have days that feel like this?

What about this!?

Or how about this?

With each touch-up noted, I felt my TO DO list growing. As I examined the smudges and chipped wood on Mommas Table, my heart sank. Then my eye caught a glimpse of new wood underneath. It had been nailed into place only a few weeks before the move, reinforced by the one I love. Thankfulness pierced my discouragement. It may be damaged, but it’s still standing! Gratitude lifted my head to take notice of all the things which did survived the move. Nothing was beyond repair!

A New Perspective: If we hadn’t reinforced that table when we had the time, money and resources to do so, it wouldn’t have survived this move. What has the Lord called me to reinforce now so that in the future, my spirit will rise high into a new perspective. With a simple pivot of perspective I was reminded of the joy decorating gives me when done from a place of worship. I get to create with the Master Creator.

I think about the specific instructions the Lord gave to Moses regarding the construction, design, and function of His temple. He knew all the details down to the color of linen and the hands that would thread them.

“Then have them make a sanctuary for me, and I will dwell among them. Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you…” – Exodus 25:8-9

As I hammer each nail into place I start to see His vision unfold. There are memories to be made, treasures to be found, and Ebeneezers to be lifted high.

Staging of this restored farmhouse china hutch is complete! See the details of this project!

He sees the big picture and cares about all the little details which bring His work to completion. Without Him I can do nothing! His direction was clear. This is to be a house of worship. A gathering place for others to come and feel refreshed.

As thankfulness regained control of my emotions, I began to recall the many gifts I had already been unwrapping: new friends, long walks on pretty trails, a local coffee shop, a new gym, a community of uplifters, and a sea of vintage treasures!

The time is now to run hard after the Lord’s calling in this new season.

Buddy with his new friend, Piper! He is overcoming his fear of water one splash at a time. We have been blessed by the new companionship of Piper’s humans as well : )

What season is the Lord calling you into? Does your perspective of this calling need re-aligning? If you feel comfortable, drop your response in the comment section below. I would love to celebrate, pray for, and encourage you in this!

4 thoughts on “Power of Perspective

  1. Joan Denton says:

    I enjoyed reading every word of your post! It was beautifully written and inspiring. I’m thankful you are sharing your God given gifts with the world 🎁

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Joan! I appreciate your feedback and am honored the Lord chose to inspire and speak to you through my words.

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