Newlywed’s Bungalow

I have long been enamored by historic homes. There is something about the old wooden floors, brick chimneys, and chipped white paint windows that make me want to move in. When my husband and I were looking for our first home these were among some of the things I hoped to find.

Our dreamy wishlist included:
1. A front porch (preferably with a swing).
2. A fenced in backyard for our dog, Buddy, to run and play.
3. A garage. Ideally a two car garage- half for my car and the other for my husband’s workshop.
4. A fireplace.
5. Open shelving in the kitchen.
6. Two sinks in the bathroom. My husband wasn’t thrilled about the idea of cozying up to one faucet.
7. No more than a 25 minute commute to work for both of us.
*A bonus would be a neighborhood with sidewalks and close to campus.

Dream big with the Lord. I dreamed, but honestly I was willing to compromise some of the items on my list for an affordable, safe first home. After driving around for hours one Saturday weaving in and out of neighborhoods looking for “FOR SALE” or “FOR RENT” signs in front lawns. Our search was over when we pulled into the drive of a cute 1940’s Bungalow nestled just outside of the Historic Homes neighborhood in Norman.  As it turns out the previous owners were old friends of mine and thrilled to welcome a newly wed couple into their established neighborhood. The house was ours! We learned that day it doesn’t matter how many great homes are on the market, it only takes one to call home.

LIVING SPACE: I am a believer of the mantel being the focal point of a home rather than a TV screen. In this case, the old wood and white marble fireplace became the inspiration for the colors and textures in this main living space. Whites, ivorys, and light grays give this small room a much larger feel.

As you know, I am a sucker for homemade treasures so I had my carpenter (my husband) reinforce our repurposed kitchen table, and build a coffee table to match.

THE ENTRY: This home didn’t have a designated entryway, so I created one. The essentials were coat hooks, a designated shoe drop off and a place for my man to drop his ball cap and keys. Guests are greeted by a warm vanilla candle, new pictures in old frames, and a jute runner that encourages friends to enter into our home.

THE KITCHEN: Open shelving was not a make or break feature in our first home, but I quietly wished for a space to display our new wedding dishes. Our white and pewter dishes proudly sit against black chalkboard paint and our beadboard ceiling carries the cottage charm throughout the kitchen.

Once again neutrals make for a clean kitchen, but the little touches make a kitchen feel cared for. Some of my favorites include: personalized tea towels and cutting boards, chalkboard messages, old signs, new dishes, family recipes and easily accessible farm-to-table foods (even if they come from the grocery store).

THE BATHROOM: Our bathroom was a tricky space to design because it’s the only bathroom in the home. I wanted it to look presentable to guests but also function as our master bath. Brick paver floors and beadboard wainscoting carry out the cottage style. One large vanity with a dual faucet trough sink fits the space while also satisfying my husband’s hope for double sinks.

We made two open shelves out of pine and pipe to display bathroom essentials for overnight guests while keeping the counter space to ourselves.

OUTDOOR LIVING SPACE: We enjoy Chardonnay sipping from our front porch and entertaining in our backyard. Homegrown flowers and rocking chairs greet visitors in the front, while string lights twinkle along the fence.

In the backyard a large picnic table hosts friends and the fire pit is the perfect gathering place for conversation and s’mores. Oh, and Buddy is quite content with his outdoor playroom. He is known by our neighbors as the floppy-eared pup who goes out of his way to say, “hewo!”

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