Momma’s Table

There is nothing like shopping with Momma. As I have grown older, my mom has become one of my best friends. One thing my mom and I share is our genuine excitement in turning curbside finds into treasure. We “shop” for old gems in a variety of places. One of our favorite honey holes is my parents’ neighborhood; be it garage sales, estate sales, Spring cleaning purges or occasionally a forgotten item left to rot in the rain. This is the story of how we acquired and saved ‘Momma’s Table.’

Only my mom would see a warped, chipped table in her neighbor’s driveway and call it “her table.” The family tried to talk her out of this one, but she had her mind made up. The table sat outside for months absorbing bird poop splatters, raindrops and way too many direct Texas sun rays until finally Momma rang the doorbell. Her boldness never ceases to amaze me. The question was kind and simple. “Is that table in your drive for sale?” The answer was no, but momma knew there was beauty in that forgotten table and she just couldn’t let it go unnoticed. She offered $100 in cash but after every rainfall her price would drop $10.

I’m not sure if the owners got tired of her persistence or recognized they had no use in keeping it, but a few rains later and the table was ours for a grand total of $20. When we got it in the garage for a more thorough inspection, we noticed this was a Hellrung and Grimm furniture piece made years before my existence by true craftsmen.

The first step of polishing up this gem was to remove the rotted top and reinforce the structure. After my dad dismantled the top of the table, Momma and I sanded. We sanded…and sanded…and sanded some more. The more detail in the wood, the more time it takes to hand sand all the nooks and crevices. Just about any beautifully turned leg is worth redeeming in my book. When all the yellow paint lay in crumbles on the ground we wiped down our raw, salvaged wood and gave it a fresh coat of creamy white chalk paint.

My husband reinforced the table frame with 2X4s to eliminate the wobble, and my dad finished his Pine table top stained in Chestnut Minwax. Momma was sure this table needed to endure years of hot plates and sweaty glasses so she personally saw to it that the satin finish poly coat would stand the test of time. Seven coats later and the table was complete. This table is a family’s labor of love.

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