Salzburg, Austria Part II.

Second day in Salzburg and my traveling buddy and I decided it was time for a Hawk-eyed view. We have explored the quaint city, the rural countryside and the Hollywood mentions, but we were ready for our own perspective…call it the road less traveled.


Up a cable car we rode to the tippy top of Mt. Nonnberg Abbey (Maria’s mountain of inspiration in the Sound of Music; the one she supposedly ran down in 3 minutes…I think not Hollywood). I took a deep breath of the cool, morning, mountain air. It was refreshing. I stabilized my baby blue All Star sneakers on the pebbles. The ground under my feet was high above the treeline. Tiny yellow and blue flowers bloomed in patches of wide grass. I looked out over rooftops and castle walls. I watched as the clouds danced around me, whipping through mountain ridges and blowing through my hair. I was inside a cloud. It was chilly inside this cloud-covered mountain top. There was a bench off in the distance and with the purse stuffed with sandwiches and bed sheet from the hostel became the perfect combo for a picnic. Yes, we took the bed sheet from the hostel and shamelessly used it as a blanket.

Ravens dove into the mist, floating on the air. I focused my eyes on a familiar object in the distance. I had seen it from below, too high to even capture a picture. It was closer now and it beckoned me. Up and over the rocky surface I made my way to a cross standing on the peak of this mountain. It spoke loudly. “If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.” – (Luke 19:40) The rocks were singing loud praise in perfect harmony with the wispy clouds, soaring ravens and tiny blooming flowers. As I approached the cross, my praise manifest in a lowered knee. Before I knew what was happening I found my knees in the dirt and eyes lifted in awe, gazing at the wonder and promise of this cross on the mount. Words etched into the old, splintered, rain-washed wood read “IM KREUZO IST HEIL,” translated it means, “In the cross is salvation.” I wonder how many passing by know the truth of the text?

Some snap pictures and others see it as a hiking checkpoint, but my heart quakes in my chest. The spirit inside me remembers the cross. He remembers the torture and sees the oozing love. For a few seconds it’s just me and the cross. What happens around me I don’t know, who passes by I will never recall- it doesn’t matter. My heart sings “Thank You.” Thank you for the little reminders that you are for me and are still in love with this heart. Thank you for reassuring me that this heart truly adores the story of the cross. “Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom…” 2 Corinthians 3:17

There stands a cross on a mount. This is the symbol for beauty itself- Selfless Love.

Salvation in the Cross

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