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Feeding on Faithfulness in the Midst of a Personal Drought

Many times in life when a new and exciting opportunity presents itself I tend to hit the ground running. I think I have a good idea of how it’s going to go, and then it’s nothing like that. When confronted with contrasting expectations, my option is to give up or realign my mindset. In those moments when I am soaking in a humbling experience I recall my momma’s reminder, “Humble yourself therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that HE may lift you up in due time.” Often the most necessary life lessons are the least enjoyable to learn. Be it a first job out of college, promoting from subordinate to supervisor, or switching from one role to another, I have learned humility is the best way to enter.

1. Quiet Confidence

2. Feed on Faithfulness

3. Realign Your Gaze…Daily

Lesson One: Quiet Confidence
Even if positive feedback never comes. If no one sees, compliments or delivers a “thank you” in passing, the Lord still sees, and that is enough. Praise from people feels good, but applause from the Lord is like winning a Nobel Peace Prize! My gold stars come from Heaven. 


Lesson Two: Feed on Faithfulness
My mindset is to learn as much as I can, but at the end of every day, when my head hits the pillow, I am reminded of how unsatisfied and lonely my heart is. Truth be told, if you are in a position that isn’t right for you, before long you will start to lose a little piece of yourself. That was my story. I missed me.

As I was sitting on my bed praying through the laundry list of “I needs”, “I feels” and “I wants,” the Lord reminded me of the paperclipped letters of encouragement I brought with me for a time in need. The time was now. A yellow-sealed envelope fell from the stack. It was a letter to self I had written three years ago. As I broke the seal and read the concerns of my former self it occurred to me that every desire had been fulfilled. “When have I ever NOT been faithful to you,” the Lord asked. I was reminded of the accomplishments He has walked me through, the worry He has moved me out of and the uncertainty He always clarified in due time. Never has He not been faithful. My instructions were clear. “Feed on my faithfulness, dear daughter, and let that sustain you through your days.”


Lesson Three: Realign your Gaze…Daily
Do you pray your way through the day but still struggle to find the purpose in the mundane? Yes, me too! “As the deer pants for the water so my soul longs after you.” Panting, that’s it! That’s what my soul has been doing these past couple weeks.

During a 3 minute worship song sitting at my new desk, I stopped to think on Jesus. I felt life enter my heart and took the deep breath I’d been grasping for. This soul longs to be in the presence of the one it loves, if not, it suffocates. I’ve been bringing my needs and requests to the Lord just like a Christian should, but not so much my heart, like a daughter would. If I’m not inviting Jesus into my day, into that very moment, I’m not inhaling any oxygen. I recognized I needed help, but I wasn’t asking Him to invade my day, my schedule, my mindset or my situation to provide it.


Practically speaking, I needed to ask Jesus to enter into every moment. “Come with me into this meeting, this conversation, this task, this attitude toward work, this relationship, this house, this meal I’m preparing, this commute back home, this phone call, this email.” That may sound exhausting but it’s the refreshment I’ve been craving. He is life to a weary soul, invite Him in.

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