Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspiration

This year I wanted to change up my typical Fall aesthetic. Instead of the traditional warm hues of mustard yellow, burnt orange and autumn leaf red, I am filling my home with farmhouse whites, natural woods and sage greens. Here are some farmhouse style, fall decorating ideas from my home for you to browse, shop and get inspired!

As far as I am concerned Fall starts September 1st! Second to Christmas, Fall is my favorite season to decorate for and it just so happens these two holidays neighbor one another on the calendar. So when is the appropriate time to set up and take down Fall decor, I’ll let you decide.

Farmhouse Pumpkin display

In our living room I played up one of the newest additions in our home, our recently restored 1908 antique mantel. Four small white pumpkins nestle into the sage green garland which spills over top the mantel. Below are a few more pumpkins for good measure.

Beautiful farmhouse, fall antique mantel

The dining room is the main space I enjoyed playing up because it isn’t as trafficked as the other rooms, and yet it’s visible from just about every angle of the home. Pumpkins, chippy paint signs and linen covered books complement this room and all its vintage treasures (such as the old wooden toolbox centerpiece and whitewashed church pew). The decor in this room serves as a festive reminder of the season we are in and welcomes many to share in good food and fellowship around the dining room table.

farmhouse fall centerpiece ideas, using an old tool box, white and green pumpkins, and chippy paint signs

Nothing says Fall like pumpkins and it’s safe to say this year I didn’t skimp on the pumpkins. In previous years, I would go to the local grocery store and pile my cart full of real pumpkins in all shapes, sizes and colors. In truth, this is a cheaper method of decorating; however, if you think you can safely store and reuse them, I recommend investing in a few artificial pumpkins for around the house.

What started as a simple take-back errand turned into an out-of-body, Hobby Lobby experience. Buddy accompanied me (of course) and when I saw the beautiful aisles of buffalo plaid, painted pumpkins and galvanized tin, the creative part of my mind silenced logic. Before I knew it I was driving home with a back seat full of artificial pumpkins!

farmhouse fall decorating ideas, using old books, hymnal crafts, white and green pumpkins, church pew, and chippy paint signs

In the kitchen I kept it simple. There is already so much going on in the kitchen I didn’t want to crowd prepping space or clutter the counters, but there is always a little room for holiday decor.

Farmhouse Fall decorating ideas, white and green pumpkins, entryway ideas

And finally, the front porch. This is where the warm hues of Autumn make an appearance. This is the perfect place for displaying REAL pumpkins of all sizes! My hope is the trees in our front yard will reflect the change in season and frame our yard with golden-brown and rust-red leaves.

PRO TIP: Coat outdoor pumpkins in a clear polyurethane to preserve them a while longer.

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch Ideas

I added some festive chippy paint signs and this vintage window to bring some of our home’s interior personality to the porch. While I think you can get away with a slightly different vibe on the porch, I still want it to feel cohesive with what is going on inside.

As you know, Fall also means it’s football season and in the South, this is a BIG DEAL! To represent our alma mater, I layered a cute black and white woven rug with our OU doormat.

Farmhouse Fall Front Porch Ideas

9 thoughts on “Farmhouse Fall Decor Inspiration

  1. Leigh says:

    I love what you’ve done here!! Fall is also my absolute favorite season, although orange is my absolute least favorite color…!! This year I also shifted my color scheme to more neutrals and am loving it so far. Thanks for the front porch inspiration, as it’s one area I still haven’t tackled yet.

    • admin says:

      Hi Leigh,

      Yes I couldn’t agree more…a little orange can go a long way in my opinion. I’m sure your neutral Fall scene is BEAUTIFUL and I’m so happy to drop a few front porch ideas out there for you to think on : )

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