DIY Headboard Bench

DIY Headboard Bench

Some of my favorite treasures start off tucked behind layers of things in the back corner of a flea market or antique mall. Those hidden gems are the ones that captivate me almost immediately. You could say this bench (once headboard) fell into the forgotten corner category.

I happened upon this headboard while shopping with a dear friend for a couple unique Christmas gifts. I saw the turned leg and thick wood behind a bookshelf and was intrigued. Come to find out, it was an old twin bed headboard and footboard. Adorable! I shared the vision with my husband and though all he could see was old wood, he knew my heart was sure of what it could be.

The first step of this repurpose project was to cut off the base of the footboard which would serve as the front of our bench. Then my husband connected the two structures by running 2X4’s perpendicular to the front and back of the bench.

This very quickly became an ‘engineer-eyeballed’ type of project because each leg of the bench had different dimensions. Fortunately, I have “eyeballed” things for so long that I have actually grown pretty accurate. My husband, on the other hand, measures down to the 1/16th of an inch. For a project like this, both minds are needed.

To create the seat we used new 2X10 pine which was wood glued and then nailed into place. I wanted the chunky wood to look a bit more polished without losing its character and age, so I brushed over the aged brown frame with a Smoke Gray chalk style paint. For the seat I decided to make my own wood stain by mixing 1 part English Chestnut with 2 parts Golden Oak. This gives contrast between the old and new wood, but tells your eye to rest on the dark turned spindles.

This bench can now serve as seating just about anywhere. It can sit on the front porch hosting holiday displays, in an entryway, or even provide bench seating around the table in a quaint breakfast nook or dining space.

The fun thing about this project is remembering what it was and seeing my vision for it come to be. Some projects ask for a stretch of the imagination, but this one came easily to me. Even when turned on it’s side and piled behind other items, to me it was ALWAYS this bench. Sometimes potential just needs someone to believe in it!


BONUS:With the remaining footboard frame we were able to construct a second bench. It varies slightly in style from it’s sister bench, but the detailed, wood footboard is a front porch show stopper!

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