A Cottage Style Spring: Treasures To Be Found

Well he did it. Mr Peter Cottontail came hopping through our backyard last night and brought with him the spirit of Spring! Buried in the overgrown blades of 2020, treasures are ready to be found and I ready for the hunt! In the spirit of growth and new seasons, we (Unpolished Gems) have decided to branch out into a local a retail store here in Oklahoma City. See some of our most recent furniture flips and Spring decor inspo from our little home...

Home Renovation: Utility Room

Our first home renovation project complete! This process has been a true test of craftsmanship, design and patience. We have learned a ton, got some new tools in the garage, saved money by doing it ourselves and ended up with a stunning space, if I do say so myself. finally, we can unpack our pantry boxes and get organized in possibly the most multi-purposed, functional space of our little home...Tour our walk-in Pantry/Laundry room from start to finish.

Curb Appeal

Typically when I get the opportunity to start decorating a home, the inside is where I begin; after all, this is where the living happens. In this particular situation, with our 'Homemade Vanilla House,' we arrived 1 week before our truckload of furniture, therefore, the exterior was the first space I could get to work … Continue reading Curb Appeal