Bloom Where You Are Planted

No surprise, I enjoy decorating and DIY projects. My Saturday mornings usually consist of sleeping in, brewing some Texas Pecan coffee and watching HGTV. I will admit, sometimes I find myself wishing I could knock out a few walls or refinish my floor, but being in a temporary place of residency we aren’t granted that luxury at this time. “Make it your own, but put it back the way you found it,” I am told. I have been reciting these words for the past 6 weeks, flexing my creative muscle to wrap around this idea of “temporary.”

Why does that word leave such an awful taste in my mouth. Temporary. As humans I don’t think we like the concept of temporary very much, I certainly don’t. I don’t want to live a temporary life; I want to build a life that lasts. But if I really stop to think about it, everything I know outside of Christ is temporary. Everything. Even life itself has a time stamp on it.

So then, I am faced with a choice. To live at 50% but never really unpack or invest, OR fully move into this unique season of life. It might not last forever, but it does have the opportunity to make a lasting impact on me and others. Temporary. It’s not synonymous with lack of significance, it just means not forever. This reminds me to cherish where I am, but not to hold onto things too tightly.

Momma always told me, “Bloom where you are planted.” In other words, wherever you are, make it beautiful and, most importantly, be present. My goal is to cherish this time as it unfolds by not longing for the familiar and comparing to the past, or becoming so fixated on the future I withdraw from the present. To be present. Fully awake to the meaningful use of time. To be aware of the potential of the present and to notice those woven throughout it.

Dog on a Walk
Buddy wakes up at 6am sharp (when the flag is raised), ready to explore new trails!

I trust the Lord has gone before me into this season, and time and time again I find Him meeting me in the seemingly simple and random errands that make up my day. He meets me through a smile and genuine conversation at a local coffee shop, He guides me through winding, unfamiliar roads, He introduces me to new friends when my truck won’t start, He helps me unpack and design a new space, and He teaches me to rest and take notice. I see Him weaving people in and out of my life, each offering new perspectives, nuggets of truth and sincere encouragement for such a time as this.

1. Unpack each and every box.
2. Engage with the community.
3. Pick a few places to serve.
4. Explore this new hometown.
5. Make it my own.

I plan to dine at the hole-in-the-wall restaurants, be a customer to local businesses, hike the trails and find my own honeyholes! Similarly, I plan to put my stamp on each room of our Homemade Vanilla House. Years later when we sit around the dinner table and reminisce, it won’t be remembered as a rental, it will be remembered as OUR HOME!

Yes, I will put it back the way I found it, but for the time I am given, it will be distinctively mine. Nestle into the present, as temporary as it might be, and make it home!

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