A Playground Called Switzerland!

Zermatt, Switzerland.

Meet Zermatt, a romantic little mountain town. The perfect destination for a couple’s getaway, snow sport vacation or a hiker’s paradise. Zermatt is home to this guy…Matterhorn (aka) the precursor to Mt. Everest. Ambitious hikers lose their lives chasing the challenge of reaching its peak. The fallen are then honored by resting in Zermatt’s Mountaineers’ Cemetery.

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Switzerland is also home to THE most amazing chocolate I have ever witnessed. On first instinct, I wanted to order one of everything…by the end of the three-day stay, I just about had. No regrets, no, not one!

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The first full day there, we ate a surprisingly tasty hostel breakfast, packed sandwiches and rode the early train up the mountain, Zermatt not Matterhorn. Upon first step we were completely captivated by the view. Here, see for yourself…


Incredible! I felt like a little kid playing on a playground my daddy built for me, and really that is exactly what I was doing. Often times I snap a photo of a pretty backdrop, make a mental note or even verbally speak of its beauty and then move on. Not this time. This time I didn’t have to search for the Lord’s fingerprints, I was standing in one. The snow-capped mountains reflecting in a pool of icy water framed my view and a hillside of grass warmed by the sun provided the perfect location for a picnic. Today I got to play.

Sheer bliss. A child loving every second of her Daddy’s gift. I made a wish and blew on a weed I call a flower. Hope. Make a wish in your heart, take a deep breath and release all of its promise into the world. Life. Such an absolute blessing. I felt the praise well up in my spirit and roll down my cheek. In a silent prayer I whispered, “Thank you. Today was a blessing, may I not forget.” The following day I knew just who to spend it with, My Beloved. Remember what I said a couple of blogs previous (Salzburg)- When you go on a date with Jesus, He pulls out all the stops.

I sat on a little red bench on the main strip of the town and watched people passing. With each unvoiced prayer my heart became more and more overwhelmed with the joy of the Lord. I watched life unfold in many forms. Flowers all over the land in different shapes and hues; chubby little legs learning how to walk yet still clinging to Mommy’s hand; mothers with their daughters; old-time friends with memories of a lifetime sprinkled gray in their hair; father and son waiting patiently for their women outside a storefront; and an arthritic finger pointing to the chocolate that looks most delicious as her patient, long-time lover waits by the register. I smile to myself at a love that grows stronger as bodies age.

It’s amazing how one moment of sweet praise can so easily be stolen and strangled by a jolt of anxiety and I become the ugly beast of impatience. Even after spending the entire day basking in beauty, it can be contaminated by the thief that “comes to steal, kill and destroy.” I used to take this scripture so personally but I realize now he is not seeking to destroy me, but my moments of praise. The prize worth taking is not my own fleeting life luxuries, but the glory I adorn my King. Later that evening at our hostel stay, I scribble in my journal until I hear a “rat-a-tat-tat” on the ladder of my top bunk. It comes from below. A camera is passed up to me and I stare at a picture taken from only a couple of hours previous.

How do I express such gratitude? How do I begin to release this fountain of joy and excited praise? Do I leave notes of love all over a city enriched with Your beauty? I take a breath and exhale Your love. It runs through me and I am free another day. I put a rhythm in my ears and my body responds the only way it knows how, dance. Each melody has a message and each overflow of Your love has a response, this time, for me it was an undignified, glory-filled dance. No worry in my heart, only grateful, adorning praise releases this once-worried soul.        

-my journal


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  1. akingdomsculture says:

    Dusti!!!! Zermatt was the place I began my journey with God! It was the first time i had prayed since i was a toddler. I asked if there was a God that he clear the sky of all clouds for the second day we (my friend Vladimir and I) hiked the Alps. He did. Your description of this beautiful place is everything and more than I experienced while traveling! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    • dustikristine says:

      Andrew, I thought it might be! I remember you said you found a post card with mountains reflecting in a lake and set out to find it. I love that the Lord draws us to His side simply through nature. Zermatt truly was enchanting…next visit I hope to board the Alps!

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