A Cottage Style Spring: Treasures To Be Found

Well he did it. Mr Peter Cottontail came hopping through our backyard last night and brought with him the spirit of Spring! I was in autopilot scrubbing a sudsy dish and gazing out over our brown dead lawn when a new furry friend made his appearance. He woke me. Eyes open but now seeing. A little glimmer of newness headed this way.

If Peter wasn’t enough proof of this change in season, a kiss from the sun on the tops of my shoulders did the trick. It’s warmth was just as rejuvenating to my mind as cool water to the dry soil. “Get ready to bloom” I whispered to my dormant hydrangeas as I bend low and watched them absorb the puddling stream. New buds on old wood, waiting for just the right time to reveal their pigment.

In the spirit of growth and new seasons, we (Unpolished Gems) have decided to branch out into a local a retail store here in Oklahoma City. It’s a humble loft space, upstairs at Mockingbird Manor Antiques, but none-the-less an opportunity to show off some treasures to a new a local market of shoppers. “Fresh” was the word used to describe the aesthetic of my space, which is quite a compliment considering the age and original condition of our pieces.

Take this 1960’s Dixon Powdermaker Drop Leaf Buffet for example. Suitable for so many functions and fitting for a variety of spaces. A fresh exterior, recycled hardware and new drawer lining in a blue colonial toile fabric highlight it’s character.

The caster wheels allow it to serve as a kitchen island or coffee bar. Its’ extended arms make for a usable dining room buffet and the open shelving invite the possibilities of an entertainment console or entryway display.


Or this Vintage Tricycle. Rusted red paint, squeaky wheels and a chipped wooden seat were headed to the curb, but it’s unique frame begged for a fresh beginning. And so we painted it a glossy spring blue, covered the handlebars in twine, and brightened the pedals and wooden seat with clean white paint. A perfect addition to the front porch for displaying baskets and pots of colorful blooms.

cottage vintage garden tricycle

In our home, inspiration this season is found in small touches of woods, whites, sages and blues. Bunnies and tiny eggs, candles scented like flowers, wicker baskets and terracotta pots.

Buried in the overgrown blades of 2020, treasures are ready to be found and I ready for the hunt! As much as we have enjoyed they snowy winter, a nice change from Alabama’s one season- hot and humid, there is an excitement for Spring welling in me to celebrate, see, enjoy, and grow. Maybe it has something to do with feeling cooped up a bit too long, but my arms are ready to strength. I can feel the momentum stirring. An eagerness to collect new experiences, visit new places, and build new relationships.

And so as I type this post and think through all the opportunities on the horizon, I feel His spirit whisper, “Get ready to bloom.”

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