Deeper Freedom in 2021

Can you believe it, we made it to the conclusion of what has been, for many of us, the toughest season in a long while…or ever. Weddings canceled, PCS orders moved, deployments, sickness, deaths, unexplained pain, isolation, unemployment, etc. Some of you may know about my Pelvic Floor journey, but let’s just say I have gone toe-to-toe with anxiety, brow-to-brow with frustration and knuckle-to-knuckle with physical pain. I have questioned every truth I built my life on, like the Lord’s Goodness, His faithfulness, and as a Christian, my victory. Something tells me I am not the only one who has asked these questions and felt their foundation crack this year.

It’s interesting, the harder it gets, the more refreshing those cool waters of Grace. If you haven’t read my post about Grace check it out when you finish here (link at the bottom).

A little peak at our living room, thus far. Refinished China Hutch, Chandelier Pottery Barn, Salvaged Church Pew and Chairs, Table Restoration Hardware.

Lessons Learned in 2020

  • Despite my unfaithfulness and doubt, the Lord Jesus is loyally devoted to me. (PHIL 1:6)
  • I am not one of the the Lord’s favorites…a needed blow to the pride. He may grant me his Favor in certain situations, but this isn’t an earned place of spiritual elevation. I am equally loved and known. (ROMANS 3:23)
  • As a Christian, I don’t get a PASS at suffering. In fact through scripture (spoken by Jesus himself) we are told we will experience suffering in this life, so why am I so surprised and quick to turn on Him when I do? The Victory is that one day, the suffering will forever end, instead of drastically and eternally increase. (JOHN 16:33)
  • You NEVER know what someone is dealing with. Let’s not assume we know what someone needs or doesnt. Life is hard. We aren’t perfect. We all struggle. We all hurt and we all have a desire to be loved. Grace to us all on our messy journey of trying to be more like Jesus and most of the time failing miserably. (MATTHEW 7:3-5)
  • The Lord is the Master of Restoration. A challenge He loves to accept. I can’t mend myself, the only way to heal is to lay those shards of a life and expectations down at the feet of He who lent His very breath to give me life. (1 Peter 5:10)
Vintage Crystal (collected over time) See my shop for similar items!

I referenced scriptures to each lesson I have been on the journey of learning, but in full transparency, I had those scriptures memorized and was quick to toss them when their truth was tested. My momma would tell me, ‘don’t pick a fight with the Lord Dusti, you won’t win that one.’ Well I took a good Hiatus from my faith and I grew more and more miserable. One night, laying in bed staring at the reflection of the Christmas lights on the ceiling, I realized, the ‘old me’ I missed so much clung to the truth about the Lord’s GOODNESS, FAITHFULNESS and my VICTORY. Maybe, just maybe, those truths are what made me, me. I felt His spirit prompt, ‘Why are you laying in your old grave expecting to experience goodness and life!? Get up Dusti there is no joy there, your life is with me.’ If I was truly a new creation, then there wasn’t anything for me in a life without Christ as Lord.

I am not sure what scrapes and brakes you have in your life, but I understand those wounds are real. They don’t go away overnight and sometimes they linger much longer than we expect. If I could sum up all I have learned in 2020 it’s that life is hard and unpredictable, but it is not lived with our face in the mud, locked away in a bedroom or shut off from the world. GET UP friend! Decide to bravely walk forward in faith to the next thing, this year.

I don’t know what 2021 has in store for us, but I trust He has gone before us. The only way to navigate the minefield of a new year is WITH Him, because I sure as hell can’t and don’t wanna do it on my own!

New Years resolution? This year I am taking it one day at a time.

CHEERS to a new mercies!

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